Seasonal VegeCafeBar BestTable A restaurant which serves seasonal ingredients at their best
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The blessings of the earth served to you on a plate, season by season.

Following the 2011 disaster, many farmers in Fukushima stopped farming, so we are doing our best to support the farmers who have managed to continue despite the odds. To this end, we seek to honour not just what they grow, but also the resilience and spirit of the farmers themselves.

We serve mouth-watering dishes at their seasonal best, cooked using methods to bring out all the flavours of the ingredients.

Best Table is the VegeCafeBar which has such a concept.

So please come in, Have a seat on the open plan deck surrounded by trees.

This is a place where you can experience the best of seasonal ingredients, listen to the birdsong, feel the refreshing wind and be surrounded by nature.

Best Table is a restaurant where you can appreciate the four seasons of Fukushima with all five senses.

With someone special, casual acquaintances, or dear friends, please see ours as a place to make your heart and mind content.

Let us welcome and serve you with delicious meals and caring hospitality to make you smile.And someday, we hope that our place will be filled with locals who love the local produce.

Greetings from the Chef

I am grateful for the opportunity to create each dish from carefully cultivated produce.
We use wonderful ingredients, including Koriyama brand vegetables, here.My mission is to make a real connection from farm to table through the preparation of local ingredients.
It is my wish to welcome you and offer the best of my heartfelt hospitality.

Yasuo Serizawa

Born in Funehiki, Tamura City, Fukushima Prefecture.After graduating from high school, worked for a western restaurant in Koriyama View Hotel. Developed an interest in Asian foods.Visited Thailand and Vietnam to research their local cuisine. Started working at Asian Ban Boon (Izakaya restaurant in front of Koriyama Station), aged 29.
Appointed Chef at Best Table when it opened in 2017.

Greetings from the Chef


We buy fresh ingredients from each producer.

  • photo of Koichi Suzuki

    Otsuki Town, Koriyama City

    Koichi Suzuki

    Suzuki Farm

    Suzuki-san is a charismatic farmer who is the driving force behind Koriyama brand vegetables and who grows 300 varieties of vegetables annually. He also runs a seedling shop. Suzuki-san works in co-operation with the Chef when deciding the variety and size of vegetables to grow. He sees the restaurant as a way to express himself.

  • photo of Mitsuhiro Ozawa

    Sukagawa City

    Mitsuhiro Ozawa

    Ozawa Farm

    Ozawa-san is a specialist strawberry farmer, only selling fully ripened strawberries direct from his farm. These strawberries are grown on land un-tilled since the disaster. This makes for sweet strawberries on which you will become hooked after eating just once.

  • photo of Kazushi Takaku

    Nishi-Aizu Town

    Kazushi Takaku

    Fuji Soft Planning

    The fresh air, underground water of Mount Iide, and severe temperature differences in Nishi-Aizu create a perfect environment for growing shiitake mushrooms. These mushrooms, grown slowly on mushroom beds, are the number one prize-winning shiitake mushrooms of Japan due to their the thick surface and shaft.

  • photo of Kiyomi Suzuki

    Tamura Town, Koriyama City

    Kiyomi Suzuki

    Madoka Vegetable Garden

    Suzuki-san is a young farmer in a large scale farmhouse who grows Koriyama branded vegetables and jumbo Nameko mushrooms. Suzuki-san practises recycling-oriented agriculture whereby the sawdust created in growing mushrooms is used as compost to grow vegetables on the farm.

  • photo of Shuichi Kato

    Fukushima City

    Shuichi Kato

    Fruit Farm Kato

    Kato-san is a fruit farmer who grows apples, peaches and cherries. Kato-san is particular about using enzymes to make soil in his agricultural methods. For this reason, the fruit he grows has an excellent aroma, like Ginjoshu sake.  As such, he names his fruit 'Ginjo'.

  • photo of Setsuko Furuya

    Tamura Town, Koriyama City

    Setsuko Furuya

    Furuya Farm

    Furuya-san’s grazing pigs have a reddish meat, firm elasticity, sweet fat, and strong umami thanks to the fact that they are exercised in a natural state and they are raised for longer than usual. In addition to pork, this farm produces lettuce, bean sprouts, and strawberries.

  • photo of Mashiko Yoshio

    Nishida Town, Koriyama City

    Yoshio Mashiko

    Alfa Foods

    Mashiko-san is a producer of “Hakuohmai” (, a rice which has been developed as the basis for raw noodles for the Pho provided in our restaurant. The rice contains 37% more amylose than regular rice, so the rice powder is chewy and slippery, making it popular among children.

  • and so on...


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1-14-1 Asahi, Koriyama City, Fukushima, 963-8024
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Tuesdays. May be closed other days
(please check our Instagram page for notifications).
Opening hours
Lunch: 11:00 am – 2:30 pm (Last order 2:00 pm)
Dinner: 5:30 pm – 10:30 pm (Last order 10:00 pm)
Seats available
52 (Counter seats, terrace seats, private room available)
Number of people to book entire restaurant: 20 – 50 guests
8 cars (North side of the restaurant, Nos 1 – 8)
* Please park at Kashiwaya’s parking lot if the north side parking lot is full.
  • All seats are non-smoking.
  • A pet companion is permissible in the terrace seats if you book the day before. (Dogs: small dogs only)
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The Seasonal VegeCafeBar - Best Table

11:00 am – 2:30 pm (Last order 2:00 pm)
5:30 pm – 10:30 pm (Last order 10:00 pm)