【Gō Takashi Orchards】A fantastic orchard-lunch under the cherries

Date(s): June 29 (Sat.)

On the west side of the town of Ishikawa, along Pref. Route 11 you can find Gō Takashi Orchards, a producer of cherries, peaches, apples, chestnuts, and plums, to name a few.  From their orchard, stretching far and wide, you can admire the impressive Nasu mountain range, and the wide open view of the surrounding rice fields is striking. At this well-kept orchard, why not enjoy a fantastic lunch underneath the overarching cherries? In charge of the meal is a chef in whom co-owner of the orchard Mieko Gō places a great deal of trust; chef Ono of the Farm Restaurant Sato-no-Cafe in Ishikawa Town. This is set to be a fresh, new edition of FoodCamp, thanks to the close relationship between a producer and chef who know everything Ishikawa has to offer!

Gō Takashi Orchards (featured in a Ishikawa Town PR video, starting from 0:02:56)

Farmer Restaurant Sato-No-Cafe

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Owners - Gō Takashi Orchards Takashi & Mieko Gō
Gō Takashi Orchards, located along Pref. Route 11, produces cherries, peaches, apples, chestnuts and plums, to name a few. From their larg e orchard you can admire the impressive Nasu mountains and the wide open rice fields view. Mieko Gō's dried fruits and apple pie are exquisite!
写真:Takashi & Mieko Gō
Chef - Sato-no-Cafe Chef Hitoshi Ono
After Chef Ono met Sato-no-Cafe's owner Mr. Izumi, they decided to reform an old local shop, to set up a restaurant to support Ishikawa Town together with all its great farmers. At the ever-popular side-dish bar, you can try more than 10 types of vegetable-based side-dishes and salads!
写真:Chef Hitoshi Ono

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June 29 (Sat.)
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