【Suzuki Farms】Restaurant FoodCamp, End-of-the-Year Party!

Date(s): December 9 (Sat.)

As our response to the request for FoodCamp in winter, every year we organize a special edition: Restaurant FoodCamp. This year, we will visit Suzuki Farms for a harvesting experience of delicious winter veggies. Afterwards, we head to restaurant BestTable, to join the farmers who set up shop at the Kaisei Marche farmers market, as a joint end-of-the-year party!

If you want to apply for this tour, please become a member of the FoodCamp newsletter, and receive the application URL.

Suzuki Farms
Seasonal VegeCafeBar BestTable
Kaisei Marche Farmers Market


  • Harvest Suzuki Farms' delicious winter veggies, incl. Koriyama Brand Vegetables!

    Enjoy harvesting Suzuki Farms' wonderful winter vegetables; something that's usually difficult to do due to the cold. The cold increases the veggies' sweetness. Take your own harvested vegetables home with you!

  • A special BestTable dinner jampacked with Suzuki Farms vegetables!

    After the farm visit, it's time to warm up at BestTable, where you can enjoy a party-style dinner, packed with a wide variety of wonderful Fukushima-produce.

  • Join the producers, chef, and FoodCamp-staff for a look-back at the past year

    More than any edition of FoodCamp before, this is the chance to get to know farmer Suzuki. He will be joined by the other farmers who set up shop at the Kaisei Marche farmers market to enjoy the party together. Let's take a look back at the past year, together with the other guests, in a typical Japanese end-of-the-year party.

  • Visit the Kaisei Marche farmers market!

    On the same day, the bi-monthly Kaisei Marche farmers market is held at the Kaisei-shop of Kashiwaya. How about joining the tour after a visit to Kaisei Marche? Join the bus from the farmers market!


Suzuki Farms, Owner - Koichi SUZUKI
Koichi Suzuki - owner of Suzuki Farms - is the founding-father of Koriyama Brand Vegetables. He's always ready to welcome visitors with a smile, saying: "Farms are fun!" Enjoy the taste of vegetables that only this time of year can provide!
写真:Koichi SUZUKI
Seasonal VegeCafeBar BestTable, Head Chef - Yasuo SERIZAWA
BestTable specializes in providing seasonal dishes, with mostly made-in-Fukushima products. Head chef Serizawa knows like none other how to use Suzuki Farms' delicious produce, making him the perfect choice for this end-of-the-year party!

Tour Schedule

  1. Pick-up / Meet-up

    13:00 p.m.

    Pick-up by taxi (Koriyama Kanko Kotsu Taxi) from your house or place of stay in Koriyama, or at Koriyama Station. We will inform you of your pick-up time one day before the tour.
    *For those scheduled for pick-up at Koriyama Station, please arrive at Koriyama Station by 9:15.

  2. Let's go!

    13:30 p.m.

    Departure for the tour site, from the Magonote Travel Asaka Office.
    * Those coming to the Office directly, please arrive by 9:50 (limited parking available).

  3. Pick-up at Kaisei Marche farmers market

    14:00 p.m.

    We will pick up farmer Koichi Suzuki at the Kaisei Marche farmers market, held at the same day. Those who would like to visit the farmers market can opt to be picked up here. Please let us know when you apply.

  4. Arrival at Suzuki Farms

    14:30 p.m.

    Pay a visit to Suzuki Farms, and havrest some delicious winter vegetables!

  5. Shopping at the farm shop

    16:00 p.m.

    Time for shopping at Suzuki Farms' shop. A great chance for those who didn't visit Kaisei Marche to get some shopping in!

  6. Arrival at BestTable, start the end-of-the-year party

    17:00 p.m.

    Time to start the end-of-the-year party at BestTable! Get to know Kaisei Marche's farmers.

  7. Dinner Time!

    17:30 p.m.

    The time we've all been waiting for: dinner time! Enjoy a fabulous party-style, veggie-packed dinner prepared by BestTable's chef Serizawa.

  8. Ending, send-off


    You will be brought by taxi to your home or place of stay in Koriyama City, or to Koriyama Station.

    *For those planning further travel by public transportation please prepare an itinerary from 21:00 forward.

Tour details

December 9 (Sat.)
Per person ¥18,700
*same rate applies for children/participants travelling to the venue directly with their own vehicle.
What to wear/bring
・This tour takes place outdoors. In case of clear skies, please prepare a hat or cap to protect you from the sunlight.
・Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
・In order to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, please wear a mask.
Conditions of Participation
Participation open to everyone over elementary school-age, and able to participate on their own (no need for accompaniment by a care helper, or with permission from a doctor). Same price for adults and children.
Operating Company
Koriyama Kanko Kotsu K.K.
Tour Operator
Magonote Travel's own staff will accompany the tour.
Payment Method
Please refer to "How To Apply" for more information.
Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is required for all tours, in case of accidents and emergencies. The insurance fee is included in the price. For this reason, we need to ask for your date of birth.
Cancellation Fee
The following cancellation fees will be charged for tours with lodging and tickets: 20 to 8 days in advance: 20%, 7 to 2 days in advance: 30%, the day before the tour: 40%, on the scheduled date before the tour starts: 50%, no-show without notice: 100%.
For one-day tours, the following fees will be charged retroactively from the day before the start of the tour: 10 to 8 days in advance: 20%, 7 to 2 days in advance: 30%, 1 day in advance: 40%, on the scheduled date before the tour starts: 50%, no-show without notice: 100%.
In case of bad weather
The tour will not be cancelled in case of bad weather. However, in case the tour has to be cancelled due to a natural disaster, you will be informed one day before the tour. In this case, you will receive a full refund.
Minimum number of participants
If there are fewer than 15 participants the tour will be cancelled. In such case we will inform you at least 4 days in advance.
Terms and Conditions of Travel
Please visit the ‘Terms and Conditions of Travel'-page.


How to apply

  1. Applications for the tour

    Please submit information (including the tour you wish to join, tour date, your full name, address, date of birth, participant phone number), and apply via fax or online.Payment may be made by credit card from our website or by bank transfer.

    Apply via fax


    Apply online

    Please click on the “Tour sign up” button at the bottom of the tour page.

  2. Delivery of guidebook

    A guidebook will be sent by email within few days.

  3. Payment confirmation

    Your booking will be confirmed when payment for the tour has been received. Please pay within 15 days of application.

  4. Final confirmation

    The tour conductor will email you on the day prior to the tour and provide information regarding taxi pick-up times.

  5. Tour day

    A taxi will go to your house or Koriyama Station. In addition, the conductor will provide you with a guidebook (guide leaflet for the day).

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Photo: Food Camp's Blue Sky Restaurant